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One Man’s Opinion: I Have What? Part 2 The Follow Up

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In case you are wondering why this is called part 2 the follow up see the link which is where part 1 is (

I went back for my follow up and sadly the news wasn’t what I expected. When you have prostate cancer surgery your psa is supposed to zero out or your psa is supposed to be zero. Mine is 1.5…not good. So today is more blood work to confirm the first test or to say oops first test was a mistake. If not then we move on to CAT Scan and bone scan to locate the cancer and then possibly move on to radiation therapy.  In either case my one and only and I are shaken by the news, the ride home was quiet until I finally decided to ask if she wanted to stop for a cup of coffee . She smiled and said you know I was about to say the same thing. IT broke the tension and we began to talk out our disappointment and what lies ahead. I am not in this alone. My one and only is my partner in crime , the love of my life and she is with me in this or as we say…All In. But I got to admit …I am nervous. This could potentially change a lot of plans I have going forward if this requires radiation, but one thing I assured my wife is that we are not changing our vacation plans for next month. Now more than ever we will need that vacation.

So today continues the journey against cancer. I will not let it change my future. It is a speed bump in life not the end. Just another challenge to face together and overcome. In sickness and in health.  We are All in.


A Rose Speaks…

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A Poem of Love

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If I give you my heart will you love me?

With all yours unconditionally

If I give you my soul

Will you be the one?

Who will be with me always?

If you take up space in my mind

Will you ever forget me?

Ever since we met

Things have happened

Better than we both could

Have imagined

When I look into your eyes

I want to be lost in them forever

I want to be totally lost in love together

…with you


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The Best in You Vs The Stress in You

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Be With Someone who is…

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There is a Reason Why They are an Ex


The Best Way To Love Someone…

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Love is Not About How Much You Say…

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Don’t Waste Time Looking for The Perfect Love…Create the Perfect Love

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