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Arguing with a an Idiot…

Image result for motivational quotes Never get caught arguing with a fool. From a distance no one will know the difference


Only I Can Change My Life…

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Keep Going…

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Self Awareness Requires…Deep Personal Honesty

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In order to make steps forward in your life you need to assess where you are then discover who you are …and that is what many times becomes the ugly part of our journey …part of the journey is asking and answering the hard questions about ourselves, our motives, our values (have they changed) why is that hard? because it forces us to be honest with ourselves, to see ourselves for what we really are not the way we want to see ourselves. So the question is …are you honest with yourself?

See Strength Learned Lessons and Pride in Yourself…

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Understanding You

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What does understanding yourself involve?

Being honest with yourself about your inner self , sometimes it involves seeing the ugly in ourselves and often it isn’t what we think it should be or how we see ourselves but that it is why it is called being honest with ourselves.  It means we will have more questions but in the end the answers we seek will continue to evolve as we become more and more aware.

It is not a rushed process it takes time, it took time for you to be who you are to this point so it is only fair to believe it is going to take time toward understanding yourself more.

At the Center of Self Awareness…

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What is Self Awareness?

: self-awareness

  1. conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.
    “the process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness”
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    Someone asked me once Who Are You?  Without really thinking I replied I’m me what do you mean? Well needless to say the question triggered quite a conversation about awareness. You can say I was schooled learned life lessons along the way.
    The above statement about the process being painful was especially true in my case I was in the midst of a lot of personal turmoil at the point in my life so I guess that question was right on time.
    So Who Are You?

How Are You Perceived By Others

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Should it matter how you are perceived by others? Is it something that you should even bother to pay attention to? Are there times when it is important to know how others see you?

These questions are there for you to mull over and spark conversation so I would love to hear your thoughts on the questions above.

How To Become …Self Aware

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I know this is list is easier said than done but being aware is also being honest with yourself about your prejudices, your motivation your needs…responses, no one said it was going to be easy. The effort if genuine is worth doing.