One Man’s Opinion …Melissa R.I.P.

In case you are wondering what happened to me, it’s simple my daughter passed away …January 29,2020

It’s been a surreal experience when you the parent buries your child. I had wrote a post about being her conservator, it wasn’t easy. It was stressful and there were very tense moments, then a phone call that I needed to come to her place of residents to be told she had passed away. I have moments when I cry then I am dry.  I have Moments I laugh at a memory we shared. Then I have uncontrollable tears with the thought that she is really gone. This is not a dream that I will wake up from and go wow … let me tell you about a dream I had…nope. Right now I am not sure what the cause of death is,  waiting for Medical Examiners report. In her death my daughter brought people together people I worked with showed up at her funeral people her mother worked with showed up, family showed up my wife, step daughter and her son and my sister in law showed up, friends long time friends showed up, those that didn’t show showed their concern in texts and phone calls it was all touching. My daughter would have been proud to see her child hood friends all together one last time. Her final days were wrecked wit so much pain, she had been in and out the hospital so much it was hard to keep track, that when she died there was a sense of relief that she will not be suffering anymore, yet there are moments when I miss her, moments when I still find myself looking at my phone seeing if she called me and I missed her call, there are moments when I don’t sleep a whole night through. Parents aren’t supposed to bury their children. I miss you Melissa, R.I.P.

The Past, The Present,The Future

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It’s Not Where you Live, It’s How you Live

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Way too often you hear people use the excuse of I’m Ghetto. That expression alone is a double edge sword. While it may address where you are from it should not define how you live. I was raised in New York Housing Authority in Brooklyn, New York. Fort Greene section, nothing more ghetto than that. Yet while that is where I am from it isn’t how I live my life today. Don’t use where you are from as a excuse not to achieve or not to do more or just settle for being ghettofabulous. Be more Do more, Honor your roots by branching out beyond where you live.

Stop Setting yourself up for Heart Break …Don’t Settle

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We often play the victim in relationships when in fact we set ourselves up for heartbreak when we settle for less than what we deserve. We get desperate, fearing we won’t meet that perfect man or woman then just go head long into a relationship that we don’t belong in. We settle when we should move on. By the way, those kind of relationships come with warning signs or red flags …he still isn’t over his ex, he isn’t ready to move on from his previous life, or he likes to spend an extraordinary amount of time with his friends or any other excuses that rear up. You deserve more be more you are more …Don’t Settle!

Build a Strong Support Group That Believes in You

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There’s a Difference between Interest and Commitment…

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We Become …

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When You Start Seeing your Worth…

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When you start seeing your worth…

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Don’t forget to be thankful…

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