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See Strength Learned Lessons and Pride in Yourself…

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Girls are Sensitive …True or false?

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Ladies is the above statement true? Your comments please…

Self Awareness Requires…Letting Go

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Understanding You

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What does understanding yourself involve?

Being honest with yourself about your inner self , sometimes it involves seeing the ugly in ourselves and often it isn’t what we think it should be or how we see ourselves but that it is why it is called being honest with ourselves.  It means we will have more questions but in the end the answers we seek will continue to evolve as we become more and more aware.

It is not a rushed process it takes time, it took time for you to be who you are to this point so it is only fair to believe it is going to take time toward understanding yourself more.

One Man’s Opinion…The Need to Feel Appreciated

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It doesn’t matter how old I get what my experiences in life are it always seems to come down to one thing when it comes to major changes in my life. Do I feel appreciated at that moment ? If so I hang in and dig deep and try harder to do my best, if I don’t I will work hard to make it better but…I come to the realization that it is time to move on. It is that reason at the core of everything why my first marriage ended the way it did mainly because I didn’t feel appreciated. I started looking for \\appreciation else where. Fast forward to the present…A job that I worked at for 11 1/2 years I am leaving as of tomorrow. Mainly for the same reason …lack of feeling appreciated. Perhaps I overstate my own value , not likely but my value will be felt once I am not there. One of my co workers already stated that he is going to miss my insights and that I had knew more of what was going than he did and he works during the day and I work the overnight. I did the overnights for 5 1/2 years…my sleep is off especially on the weekends …it’s my body’s way of saying it’s time to do something else with my life something more to be more and value myself more than what others do.

So a word of advice …While it is important to feel appreciated it is just as important to put yourself in a situation or environment to where you flourish and feel what you do matters.



One Man’s Opinion: Self Awareness is Not Self Judgment

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Sometimes we are our own worse enemy. We are harder on ourselves than others are on us especially when we feel we let ourselves down by doing things we know better we shouldn’t do.  We beat ourselves up over and over making it difficult to move on and grow from the experience, so …stop beating yourselves up over the past, see who you really are and leave self judgment at the door and be the best you.

One Man’s Opinion …Who Are You?

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Simple question right?  Think again. Not who we think we are or who we see ourselves to be but who am I at my core. So the riddle that stumps us the most is the most simple of questions …Who Am I?

At the Center of Self Awareness…

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What is Self Awareness?

: self-awareness

  1. conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.
    “the process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness”
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    Someone asked me once Who Are You?  Without really thinking I replied I’m me what do you mean? Well needless to say the question triggered quite a conversation about awareness. You can say I was schooled learned life lessons along the way.
    The above statement about the process being painful was especially true in my case I was in the midst of a lot of personal turmoil at the point in my life so I guess that question was right on time.
    So Who Are You?

How Are You Perceived By Others

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Should it matter how you are perceived by others? Is it something that you should even bother to pay attention to? Are there times when it is important to know how others see you?

These questions are there for you to mull over and spark conversation so I would love to hear your thoughts on the questions above.