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Men Don’t Take for Granted …A Good Woman’s Love

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One Man’s Opinion: Don’t Give Up On Love

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If you are a regular readerof this post then you know I truly believe this whole heartedly and sone of us have had discussions about this.  As I often say …I lived this !!!

Don’t give up on love…wonderful things are about to happen. Believe that you deserve true love in your love. You are worthy!

The Most Desired Gift of Love is…

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A Rose Speaks…

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A Poem of Love

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If I give you my heart will you love me?

With all yours unconditionally

If I give you my soul

Will you be the one?

Who will be with me always?

If you take up space in my mind

Will you ever forget me?

Ever since we met

Things have happened

Better than we both could

Have imagined

When I look into your eyes

I want to be lost in them forever

I want to be totally lost in love together

…with you


Be With a Man…

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Be With Someone who is…

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The Best Way To Love Someone…

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Don’t Waste Time Looking for The Perfect Love…Create the Perfect Love

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If Someone Truly Loves You…

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