Don’t Judge People

The expressions …never judge a book by it’s cover and you never know what a person goes through in their private life are words I live by and it is so true.

I can truly tell you a person’s life can look charmed but they maybe wagging a battle that no one else knows about, or maybe dealing with family issues that are complex and deep or dealing with child behavior that causes undue stress, but what ever the circumstances never judge so that you are not judged.


3 responses

  1. I have Zero Tolerance for cry babies. Everyone judges everyone. I know I will be judged no matter what, so I rise to the occasion by putting my best foot forward, and by having zero tolerance for bullshitters whose opinions mean jackshit.

    Do I take the judgement of punks seriously? No. Do I care what effeminate men and angry overworked and under-fucked women think of me? No. But I know I will be judged, and I accept that.

    We can’t get all fucking worked up over shit that is not in our control. If you CAN control it, fucking take care of business. Life deals us all a hand; some great, some bad. It is about whether or not you choose to play anyway, that matters. Play the hand you are dealt, and stop bitching.

    P.S. You should welcome judgement, and expect them to judge you. If you aren’t happy with how people YOU care about see you, change. Everyone else doesn’t fucking matter, ignore them.

    1. Interesting points but if I was to make a point I’d say you’re angry about judgment. My point wasn’t about being soft.Quite the opposite we each go through tough experiences in life and often others misjudge by what they think they see. Often it is those close to us who judge us the most harshly. Those close to you matter you don’t dismiss their thoughts that quickly..No one does.

  2. Quite the opposite. Pay attention to the first and last paragraphs.

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