The World Continues to Change …Can we keep up?


Once upon a time there was not such thing as texting or even cellphones (horrors) yet our parents knew where we were and if we were in trouble, they knew before we got home from school. There was no texting a girl your digits(number) or body parts…you simply hand wrote a note …dear …I like you …do you like me  Yes or No circle one. That was your texting. Only doctors had pagers for emergencies like a woman expecting at any moment. There was a phone booth on just about every corner and you had to carry changea nickel and two dimes and additional change for the next three minutes.

Social Media? You created a poster or made an invitation to your closest friends for a party to be held at your house …for a social gathering music, food, and dancing. That was your social media. or maybe in some areas a huge block party. Blogging? there was composition in school …250 word composition on what you think the world will be like when you get older or what you like like to do when you grow up, some how saying I will be blogger didn’t quite fit in the 1960’s and 70’s. There was no posting all your business on Intragram or Facebook, or tweeting every nothing thought on Twitter, yet there was an air of mystery to all of us. Guys actually had to work at getting a girl’s attention unless you were a babe magnet like some of my friends were. It took you a two weeks to get a girl’s name unless she was in your class, then it took you two weeks to get her number, it took maybe two weeks if not longer to get a date , and you had to meet her family( Father, mother, brother, sister or brothers or sisters) if she didn’t have a father then mother and brothers and sisters. And that’s before you went on the date. And fellas get this …you the guy paid for the date …(what a novel concept). There was no thought of asking the girl to borrow money, that’s what you had parents for borrow against your allowance. Do that once and you wouldn’t think to borrow again LOL.

We would play for hours at a time and not get into trouble, if we were bullied you fought the bully head on, you win he or she left you alone, you lost and everyone teased you about until the next day. Now they don’t bully you to your face , they cyber bully talk all about you and say things that aren’t true just because some one doesn’t like your hair, or like your clothes or the fact you smell good , or that you actually like school or do well in school , like you have to be ashamed of it. 8 Track tapes were out cds and dvds. So that the 8 track didn’t skip…you put a piece of cardboard to the corner to hold it in place. There was a world before microwave ovens …you had either a toaster or you made your toast in the over at the bottom one side at at time and you can only do 2 pieces of bread at a time. eating out was a treat once in a while, not an option or a birthright everynight.

My point is the world has changed and for me my point of reference is the world of the 60’s and 70’s for you the reader it maybe different. The world of my time was so different than it is today while you may just see it as just a natural progression. But wait a few years or a decade and things will change even more than you know and you will one day be saying I remember when…


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