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Passion Plus Inspiration equals Obsession

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If you can’t figure out your Purpose…

If you can’t figure out your purpose, Figure out your passion. For your passion will lead directly to your purpose.

Who inspires you?


Over the summer I had a conversation with a nephew of mine who I view as like a second son. In fact my son and he are close. When they were younger my nephew would come and spend time with us at our home som,etimes for the weekend other times longer. We always had fun together, and I would take the boys put back and either play baseball with them or take them to the basketball courts and we play. Those were my memories of my time with my nephew. But this conversation we had was deeper and he was in a bad place in his life as an adult and turned for advice. It was in that moment that I realized that he was often inspired being around me. He told as much himself. So it struck me that we never know who is watching us and how they are seeing us. My nephew said he always saw me as a father figure to him being that his father wasn’t around when he was growing up and then died later on. So my nephew’s view of manhood took a different turn being around my son and I. He saw what a father does with his son first hand, yes he saw the good the bad and the discipline that came with it. Then I got to thinking about my life as I grew up and the people who inspired me. There were sports legends and entertainers but then there were closer to home people who were close to my family who until this day I view as family. My best friend’s mother is a second mother to me, there are family friends who I always looked up to and my friends two of which I consider them my brothers we are that close. I admire how they handle their lives, and I still want to be more like them. And of cousre there are members of my own family that I draw inspiration from , my parents, several of my aunts uncles and cousins as well as my sisters. My point is this …when my nephew mentioned how he viewed me, it impressed upon me that you never know who is watching you, how they see you, and that they may see you as someone that they are inspired by, the same as you have been inspired by others.

So who dear reader inspires you?