One Man’s Opinion…To Those with Loved Ones in the Caribbean Our thoughts and Prayers …are with you.

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If you have family in the Caribbean and they are in the path of Hurricane Irma…our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


How To Become …Self Aware

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I know this is list is easier said than done but being aware is also being honest with yourself about your prejudices, your motivation your needs…responses, no one said it was going to be easy. The effort if genuine is worth doing.

Are You Self Aware?

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You’re My First Thought…

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Don’t Forget Your Value

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One Man’s Opinion: Can We Be Overly Generous?

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Is there such a there as being too generous? Are there limits to how much one gives? Are there boundaries to be respected when it comes to generosity? From very early on we are taught to share, share with our siblings our family and friends. And in many cases taught to share with strangers who may be in need. But is there a point when it intrudes on the boundaries of others?
I’m interested in your thoughts on this subject. Feel free to share.

One Man’s Opinion: The Value of You

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This matters in every walk of your life. Personal and professional. I am living these words right now with a change of jobs soon. I was asked why I am leaving. My reason wasn’t about money …it was about worth, my value and how I saw me in the work enviorment. When I asked a question about what it took to get to the next level…silence became the answer. After a couple of attempts it became clear the answer was no. Funny thing is I was ok with the answer in fact I knew when I asked the question chances are what the answer would be, yet I was more put off that no one bothered no one felt it mattered enough for a sit down to discuss what it would take to get to the next level short term and long term. That triggered or fuel my decision to change my job. I realize I felt I was worth a conversation with the powers to be even if the answer was no. I deserved that much. Now that conversation is too late to have. Someone else will value my work , will appreciate my worth. Someone already does…Me!

Make Yourself Heard …

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Best Feeling in the World …

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It feels good to know when you truly matter to someone and they show it.

One Man’s Opinion: Houston Our Hearts and Prayers are With You.

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Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States yet it has been reduced to being underwater as Hurricane Harvey has wrecked havoc on the City. The pictures and the news cast are nothing short of heartbreaking.  People are trapped underwater, in their homes cars and others out trying to rescue those who are trapped. No matter who you are or what you believe this is sad and heartbreaking. Houston our prayers are with you.