One Man’s Opinion…Shame on You Quincy Jones

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Talk about a bomb that went of in the entertainment industry… first Quincy Jones drops a bomb that Michael Jackson’s mega hit Billie jean was stolen from Donna Summer, that was bad enough to swallow then the next bomb was Richard Pryor Marlon Brando and Marvin Gaye apparently had sex with each other in one combination or another. The problem I had with all these revelations …none of the people mentioned are alive to deny or confirm Jones’ claims. His timing is strange since all it did was make those close to the people he dropped bombs on close ranks and defend those who are dead and can’t defend themselves. Why do this now?  He even talked about the Beatles …The Beatles ? Quincy?Oh and the claim he dated …Ivanka Trump? Look at her look at him now…Seriously???

Quincy Jones is one of the greatest producers in the history of music. He has a list of who’s who that he has worked with and he has done a lot in movies and television shows, there is no denying all that he has accomplished but to drop a dime on people who are not around anymore and accuse them of some crazy things just reeks of bad manners of talking ill of the dead. It’s not what you would expect  from someone as accomplished as Quincy Jones.


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    1. The problem with Quincy Jones ‘ truth is that it came long after many of those he spoke about are long gone and cannot deny or confirm any of his claims. The expression don’t talk ill of the dead really applies here. And if you are going to keep secrets…then really keep them.

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