One Man’s Opinion…Are Relationships Disposable?

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More and more it sure seems like relationships are disposable. Is it a product of our society that when we don’t like something any more we just get rid of it?  Relationships have become the dirty word of this generation, commitment has become the nasty curse word that makes both men and women run for cover. We all want those lovely things in a relationship candlelight dinners dozens of Flowers, walks in the park , gorgeous sunsets followed by romantic moonlights. Yet the first sign of any thing we are out of there.So what happened to relationships? It is relationships that separates us from the animals who mate to breed and then leave, we as humans can do more than just mate and breed , we can and should express ourselves in these relationship , show growth show love and have deep feelings for someone. So to you dear reader I ask you …What happened to relationships? Are they disposable? Your thoughts!


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  1. I agree that people give up easily these days and sometimes are too lazy to work on relationships but how did it truly used to be? Back in the days people didn’t work on relationships either. They just were together because the stigma of a divorce was too strong. They were married to their partners and not necessarily committed to them emotionally.

    1. Not true…actually people worked a lot longer and a lot harder to stay together. Many couples were together20 30 years before breaking up. Now…30 minutes and they are done. Done before they get really started.

      1. Perhaps they were unhappy for 20, 30 years because the stigma of the divorce was terrifying for them? Perhaps they were only staying together for the sake of children? Perhaps the relationships of people who are done fast are just really not working?

  2. We are living in times of excess and short attention spans and instant gratification . It just seems like all three are contributing factors to why there seems to be a decline.

    1. I knew you were able to put it in perspective lol

  3. For the most part, I agree with your thoughts, Jerry. There’s an increasing lack of the number of people who want a serious relationship. Commitments make cringe. And I wonder why. Everything is wanted for the short term.

    1. As someone mentioned to me attention spans are shorter now than ever. And people’s values are not the same.

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