One Man’s Opinion: The Value of Education

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Image result for Value of Education
Full disclosure this is a major pet peeve of mine…
Let’s be honest …when it comes to education we as a society talk a good game. We want our children/grandchildren to go to the best schools get the best education go to college and become something. Then we sit and watch it go up in smoke when the government makes cuts in the budget whether local government or on a national scale and one of the first cuts is …education. I happen to pick up the newspaper and saw that the local government is closing several libraries and consolidate others. The excuse is rising costs. Trust me it is an excuse. You can always find money for what you want went you want it.
Sorry landlord I can’t pay my rent but I can afford to buy some weed … or I can’t afford my rent but I can afford …this big screen movie theater tv with surround sound which is almost as much as my rent. OK I might be going off the rails just a little but the point is whatever we value we can find room for it. Why can’t this be the same for education?
Libraries have always been the hub of education for kids renting a book for pleasure not for school or in later years to go on computers and surf the internet or to write papers or to research papers. Now they are becoming victims of budget cuts,
Here is something I have lived by …if you know how to spell you know how to write, if you know how to write you know how to read, if you know how to read you know how to think , if you know how to think …anything is possible.
Every time education in any form is given less priority who suffers? Our children and grandchildren that’s who. Without it is there any wonder why our kids can’t read, can’t spell and only watch everything? Reading was a must when I was growing up. I grew up poor, New York City Housing Projects poor. But just because we were poor didn’t mean we couldn’t read. My sisters and I grew up reading learning to read , in fact in later years we would often swap stories about what books we read. Education needs to be valued not given lip service to, but valued to the point that it should be a do not touch point in every government or given more money in the budget for education. Look we find money for sports arenas so we can satisfy our lust for sports so why can’t we make it a priority to keep education alive and well and not kill it off at every opportunity due to rising costs/

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