One’s Man’s Opinion …To Inspire Passion

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In recent years I have become a firm believer in knowing what your passion is so that you will know what your purpose is.  One man’s Opinion will be following this theme of passion in the posts to come. It is done with the goal to uplift and inspire both you and I to greater heights and to be true to yourself and be authentic to your inner self. So in this post and the posts to come, please feel free to share your thoughts of passion,  and your experiences of self discovery.


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  1. great topic and theme – I look forward to posting comments as I have been through so much self-reflection the past few months. I have to say I think I have discovered writing as a passion. I have always written for work but writing for myself and putting my thoughts and emotions into my blog brings out the person I am and strive to be.

    1. I plan on posting at least o ‘ve a day something on passion so keep looking. It is a subject that we belittle by our actions. Our words say we are passionate but our action say differently so if I can I hope to inspire someone anyone to blend both words and actions in their life to find their passion and live their purpose in life.

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