If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today would he see his dream fullfilled?

This was a post I wrote some time ago and yet it seems fitting to repost it since yesterday was used to honor the memory of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

One Man's Opinion


August 28 2013 was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s I had a dream speech. Many have heard of the speech sadly few have actually heard the speech all the way through. Many of our children only know the speech as a echo of the past. Generations have come and gone since that famous speech and often I wonder how many know the impact that speech has made on our lives even in the 21th century. I am not talking about advancement in technology or in health and fitness, I am talking about the changes in our everyday lives that today we take for granted. If you are a minority or a person of color and are a supervisor or an assistant manager or a manager on your job, it might be good to look at that speech and the actions of the civil rights movement that you…

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  1. A great thought provoking post. Thanks so much for sharing. I would love to have had your views on this post I wrote last week : https://rinsebeforeuse.com/2017/01/13/burning-bridges-is-it-possible-to-remain-friends-with-an-ex/

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