One Man’s Opinion: Interracial Relationships: Do They Spell the End of racism?

Image result for images of interracial and bilingual relationshipsImage result for images of interracial and bilingual relationships

Back when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s there wasn’t a lot interracial dating going on. You may  have admired some one from another race but the chances were that you would be talked out of such an idea of thinking of dating someone out of your race. Fast forward to the 21st century and now it is more prominent to see interracial couples, now it has become in many cases second nature.  In my view love can and in many cases does transcend racial boundaries when both parties are in a relationship for all the right reasons…namely LOVE.

In many ways the world has been a much more diversed society than ever. We move more freely than in the past. I see this a lot especially in many suburban areas where is more of a racial mix than believe it or not than in many big cities where you have more people but more segregated areas. Many children now born are more racially mixed than ever. Yet with all of this why are why still a racially divided society? Why do we have names/ slurs for other races other than our own? Why do we feel threaten by other races who want the same things as we do in life?

I thought maybe there would be a time when things would be more balanced racially especially with so many more interracial couples now front and center in society. I will say back in my younger days I hoped to see more interracial dating back then, but it was such a volatile subject that many in your own family would become hostile toward you and the one you are dating. Today I am sure that is still an element of that hostility that remains. I wish dating out of your race would spell the end of racism but as always …racism always seems to be just below the surface.

What about you reader? What are your thoughts on this?



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