Do Men Get an Unfair Rap Of Being the Strong Silent Type?

When you look around , more often than not you see examples of men being the strong silent types. The Clint Eastwood, James Bond types of strong but silent. If you want your hero to be Strong and silent with a touch of scary then you got Batman. Yet as much as we like them on screen they don’t translate as well in real life when it come to relationships. The most often heard complaint by women is …he doesn’t communicate enough, he doesn’t share his feelings. Knowing that men and women communicate differently and feel differently, do men get a unfair rap for being the strong and silent type?

Ladies this is your opportunity to share your thoughts, men let yourself be heard as well. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!



2 responses

  1. Men communicate differently than women for sure. Its know that women are emotional creatures but that it should be noted as well, our lives arent 100% influenced by that alone. Men communicate differently as well, depending on how they grew up. I know some men who fall into that strong and silent category and then there are some who are very verbal about their feelings and commuicate them without any issue. The only problem I have seen and and I am guilty of this as well.. If a man communicates too much he’s seen as feminine or not masculine enough.. I want a healthy balance, I want a guy to be able to talk to me, have discussions about whats on our minds, I still want him to be strong as well. I cant be the backbone alone.

    1. You are correct it’s about a healthy balance of both strong and being communicative

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