One Man’s Opinion…What Happened to Mariah Carey?

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To say this was awful is an understatement. If we were in a karaoke bar perhaps we would all go eh ok and go back to drinking and having a good time. But this is Mariah Carey, the bar is set high …very high, in that rarified up there high in sky bar set that high. Ok let me put it to you another way…I have seen some really good singers in my time  Shirley Bassey, Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston …Elite singers! Singers with range and power that leaves you breathless that leaves you spell bound. Mariah Carey is that and more. She hits notes that haven’t been invented yet. Oh Yes she is that good. Of the other three ladies I mention only Patti Labelle rocks it just like that two. Difference between Patti and Mariah …Patti Brings it every performance. You know the expression they can sing the yellow pages ?? Patti sings Over the Rainbow and makes you lose it. Mariah sadly mails it in…and does it badly now.

Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing Mariah Carey. I love Mariah Carey she was my Vision of Love when she first came out and I saw then she was something special …somewhere along the line though she knew she was all that and started to believe her own reflection in the mirror. She knew she was that rare gift of voice and instead of taking us higher she played down and tried to be queen of hip hop when she didn’t have to be. It’s not who she is , she is a crossover star among stars that everyone else pales in comparison. Granted the sound system on New Years Eve left a lot to be desired and didn’t cast her in a strong light but the show must go on and she still has to give it her best …Or was that her best? I Hope not! Like an athlete we see entertainers at their peak  and we want them to be a certain way …forever, don’t change a thing we scream , yet they change, experiement with looks and sounds. I am ok with that. But no excuse for mailing it in. And please don’t age o us or go into decline so soon Mariah.

Maybe this was a wake up for her to not take her rare gift of voice for granted. Being embarrassed maybe was the universe’s way of trying to humble the Vision of Love. Maybe this was a bad night and rare occurrence and her next time out she will kill it and we will all breathe a sigh of relief.  As you can tell I am want badly to believe in this diva because of her rare gift of voice , she hits notes effortlessly that others go all out to hit and are spent afterwards. She hits them and has another level higher than that. Go back to being that Vision of Love Mariah, take us higher hits those notes effortlessly and leave us speechless and breathless.



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