2017 …Is This Your Year?

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2016 is behind us. 2017 opens with opportunities and possibilities.  Is this the year you seize your opportunities ? Is this your time to take hold of the possibilities that exist?

Things just don’t happen you make them happen. So 2017 is the year you make happen!

What are your goals for the this year?


4 responses

  1. I am back in the gate. I did not qualify to be a top contender so I am not in the top ten but I feel ready. The track is perfect I can feel it as I dig my hoofs into a ready position. I feel my rider grab a chunk of my main in his hand and pulls tighter on my bridal. He leans toward my ear; “This is the one girl, this is your day, your time has come, I know you can do it”. His voice is gentle but my heart starts racing, I fill my lungs with the sweet smell of turf. The bell goes off the gate opens, I leap out of the shoot with long steady strides and determination flows from every muscle in me. I head toward the finish line with my head held high.
    How’s that for a goal……:o)

    1. I guess it’s time to get back in the race and run like there is no tomorrow

  2. I just want to stay mindful of me, keep believing in my myself no matter what obstacles and challenges come my way

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