One Man’s Opinion …2016 Has Been a Cruel Year to Say GoodBye …


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2016 hasn’t ended yet but with the recent death of George Michael  it is a reminder of the many entertainers and athletes we lost this year. Many who have been part of our childhoods or who have given us fond memories when we hear their music or given us laughs when we watch their shows like Doris Roberts on Everybody loves Raymond.  My friend at PageBreak asked on her post what is your favorite George Michael song? For me it was Careless Whisper. To me it was and will always be his best work.
As we are reminded often when someone dies that we need to cherish our moments that we do have, do our best to leave a mark let so many of those famous people who past away in 2016 did.
Take a few minutes check out the videos  of some truly great entertainers like George  Michael, David Bowie , Prince, Doris Roberts there are so many more that I wish I could spotlight now , but maybe at a later date we will be able to spotlight the many who passed away in 2016.

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  1. 2016 was a crap year, here’s hoping 2017 brings better days

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