One Man’s Opinion : If You Live Angry, You Stay Angry

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There comes a point in life when those close to us disappoint us in some way or fashion. But it is how we respond to it is what makes a situation. There is nothing wrong with being upset with someone , it happens. But then let it go. Otherwise it will consume you! There are some in my life that choose to remain angry stay angry and make angry decisions to the point that they cut of their nose to spite their face. How sad! There are some who have done hurtful things towards me for no reason other than I guess they can…yet I choose not to let it consume me to the point that I make angry decisions. There was a quote once that I remember reading …”Be wrathful but do not sin” What does that mean? Simply …I am upset that members of my family act, live and make decisions out of anger towards me it upsets me yet …I will still reach out to them , yet I will still love them , yet I will still make myself be heard to them, but not out of anger. And then when it is all said and done …I will let it go!

So do yourself a huge favor when you have a situation where someone hurts you and hurts you deeply …be upset, find a way to make yourself heard and then let it go. No need to be angry stay angry and live angry…life’s too short for that!


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