One Man’s Opinion …Self Discovery is an On Going Journey

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I have done a lot of traveling in the past few years but the one journey that was the most important that set the wheels in motion was the journey of self discovery. With out that you won’t appreciate much of anything else . Why? If you don’t know you, will you know what anyone else is to you?
Ask yourself …have I ever been to me? There is a song called “I Never been to Me ” one cover was by the Temptations . And there is one line that goes
I’ve been to paradise (I’ve been to paradise)
but I’ve never been to me
then another verse continues
Never knowing that I was searching
For things I left behind
I thought my heart could wait
but I learned too late
Only love can make people free
There was a story in the song of a person reaching out to a younger one in the hopes of imparting some knowledge to save that young person some of the grief and pain that the older one has lived and wishfully hoped someone had talked to them as they want to talk to that young person today.
But the song raised another point and that is the need to know one’s self or at least make every effort to continue to know yourself. The difference between me now and my younger self is …the journey of self discovery. I said to someone recently the difference for me now is I know my limitations and I am comfortable in them. It doesn’t mean I am in a comfort zone but what it means is I know I can only jump but so high, fall so low and cry but for so long …it is about enduring those things and bouncing back stronger and better and not putting myself in position to make the same mistakes of the past and doom myself for failure.
Self discovery is more thou, it is an on going process that never stops and in that process you learn more about you, knowing what stresses you need to stay away from what things you can control and what things you have no control over .Things you choose to do and people you choose to let in your life…in those situation you learn more about your self the you looking back at you in the mirror. Are those times scary? Yes quite frankly, and you see things you don’t like , but be honest with yourself and use it to learn from and grow from …
I’ve been to paradise (I’ve been to paradise)
but I’ve never been to me
Have you been to you?
Take the journey of self discovery…it’s on going but well worth the trip!

3 responses

  1. Truth. Sometimes you need a song to speak the words you can’t say. Self discovery is a must otherwise you’ll always be looking to please others never yourself.

    1. It’s ongoing it never stops. There are things I continue to learn about myself

  2. Good post. Some people just keep looking for answers outside of themselves.

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