One Man’s Opinion: The Value of You

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Fashions come and go, fads fade, but you the person must endure. That must always be one of the few things that should always remain at the top of your list as to what holds the most value. You have to have enough self worth to know what value you have in your life, that you matter, and know what value you bring to your job, to your relationships in your life. This past week I was a way on vacation and I had a chance to rethink a conversation I had with my manager about a possible promotion for me  in the department. They recommended me to their higher ups and apparently the higher ups didn’t think much of the recommendation because the excuse was he works alone …how could he be…not realizing the value I bring to the department as a whole not to a shift or that when things happens everyone turns to me for assistance. Obviously the higher ups and I have a different view of my value. My manager see my value, and thinks highly of it , yet it doesn’t translate to above her level.
I once told my manager …you can never pay me what I am worth but you can pay me what I am reasonably ok with. Why? Because I know the value of what I bring to the job and to my department.
That is what I mean when I say you ….the person must endure! You have to know the value of what you bring to your life , your job, your relationships, your friendships, your family ties. Not everyone understands or appreciates your value, so you need to be the one who does.
There will come a time when my employer and I will part ways not because of money per say but because I see my value as greater than what they see and someone else will see it the same way as I do and will be willing to have me as a part of their company.
In your life someone doesn’t appreciate you as much as they should, and mistake number one is to think you can change them to see how valuable you are to them. So will and some just will not. Some time ago I went through some life changing events mostly of my own doing and in that moment I found who were my real friends and which ones never spoke to me again. What was the difference? Value. There were those that didn’t value our friendship and were so put off by what happened that they chose to never speak to me again. There were others who valued our friendship and were with me every step of the way and chose to remain my friends.
Let’s be honest not everyone will value you, even after you are no longer around, some will never appreciate what you bring, so it is up to you to value yourself, have enough self esteem even if no one else believes in your value, that you believe in what you bring to life.
You the person must endure!
One Man’s Opinion

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