To: Would be Thieves and Those Who Think No one is Watching …Someone is Always Watching …

It always amazing me how little people pay attention to the cameras around them. Do they know that they are really being watched ? Or do they just don’t care? Or do they talk themselves into believing that the cameras aren’t working ? Or no one watching ? Or that they are dummy cameras?

I am amazed at how many people are caught at work stealing food and then try hard to say they 1- paid for it and the receipt is outside in the car with their spouse, or 2-it’s not what it seems like…yet we got you on camera …at the register, at customer service at the door as you are leaving out the store with stolen goods.

It’s not just at work, but on the streets cameras are watching our every move, in banks which is why it is dumb to try and rob a bank with cameras that record and capture who did it in clear definition. If you get caught, trust me you deserve to be punished for being stupid. The cameras are real, the people behind them are real and they really are watching you the only dummy…is the thief !


2 responses

  1. Recently started a part time job in surveillance, so this rings very true.

    1. Too many people really don’t believe they are being watched including those doing the watching
      Do the do anything that will put you in an embarrassing light

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