Ode to Miss Boop

With such pride you’d always introduced

each one of us so delicately

letting every one know this was your family

you never known the impact you made on me

I live with you burning in my memory

 So many possibilities

I wish you knew what became of me

what became of our family

a seed you planted grew

and yet I felt so bad for you

 you were always handed the short end of the stick

cheated of what lied ahead

oh how I miss you

I wish you knew

those that followed

only heard of the legend

that I knew to be you

 so much has been done

if you were with me it would have been fun

you should have seen your great grand son

it would have been great to live long enough to see

my daughter added to the family tree

oh how I miss you

in all the years to have past

my love for you has always last

I tried to bridge the love from one generation to another

it’s been hard with out you grand mother

 Now I sit in a place like you once did looking over my tribe

with love and pride

and tears streaming from my eyes

wishing that they knew

the person that I miss dearly – you




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