People Show You Who They Are…Pay Attention

Image result for batman unmasked by catwoman

It’s one  thing for a superhero like Batman, to finally unmask himself to a woman he has dealt with for years, at least in his case she may have already known who he was or at least now she can feel that if he shows her who he really is then at least it is the starting point of having a relationship. That is in the comics, what about in the real world, do people really show us who they are …unmasked? Sure they do are we paying attention though?

If a man is in a relationship with you and he can’t do something simple like pay you a sincere compliment, yet he is complimenting other women either on line or in person he is showing who he is …are you paying attention? What is he saying to you when he does that ? He is saying I’d rather not be in an exclusive relationship, I’d rather anywhere but with you, so let me test the waters and see what I can get before I leave.  Men are not the only villains in relationships. Women do they dirt too. If a women doesn’t want to commit to a man or better yet goes back and forth …pay attention men she isn’t meant for you. Too many times when someone shows us who they are especially in a negative light we tend not to trust our true gut feeling and flee, instead we kick in another gear and see them for how we want to see them or see them as we want to believe them to be not for who they truly are.

You can not do the same things and expect different results, eventually you have to realize it’s time to change up, it is the same in relationships. If someone can find the words to say something nice or compliment other women or flirt outright with other men and yet can not or will not do the same for you and you only then you can’t expect a different result, it’s time to change up. Many of us are resistant to end a relationship feeling that we failed yet that is the moment that you should be like a spring that is sprung because they showed you what they are and it isn’t healthy at that point to stay in something they have no respect for. No matter how you might feel at that moment , that isn’t love and love will not treat you like that.

Unlike a superhero revealing himself (unmasked ) to start a relationship with a woman, when some one shows you who they are it is the start of the end of the relationship it is no longer healthy, especially one that both parties are not married or at least engagedthen there is no reason to hold to something that isn’t invested by both.


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