Numbers Isn’t All There is …

One of strongest pet peeves is people quoting numbers this happens in sports and at your/ mine place of business …the line goes …the numbers say….that drives me nuts. Normally this would be a great post for a business blog and one day this may end up on a business blog.Being a blogger numbers are important to you and let’s be honest you check to see how your views are going so yes numbers are important, but for you the reader who maybe at work reading this or you the person running your own business  take time to do one thing …look behind the numbers. Not everything is based just on the numbers .  Numbers are important don’t get me wrong, however I have worked in management and in sales and I can make numbers mean anything you want them to mean. But the bottom line is look deeper, beyond the surface of just numbers. Yet it seems all business people are consumed with are …numbers. That doesn’t tell me a lot. For example, in baseball it’s not enough to say can a player play or is he good …no! Now there are numbers for everything he does and what days of the week he plays best he plays worse , who he hits well and who he doesn’t while it is useful it doesn’t tell me one thing …his heart in big moments …it is the same in life numbers should be a guide not the end all to be all for every sentence of well sir …the numbers say this!


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