How Much can You Prove Your Love is True?


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  1. Big question. You shouldn’t need to prove anything. It’s a feeling and they should know.

    Would love your views on this :

    1. You really don’t think you need to prove your love to someone? Based on what?

      1. From my experience if you need force someone to PROVE they love you or viceversa its a slippery slope – it means you are never satisfied. First he has to prove he loves you with flowers, words, kind gestures,etc etc…you should KNOW. Of course these things help but they aren’t a formula. Different strokes for different folks. Love is not tangible.

      2. The thought of the post wasn’t to force someone to prove their love the proof is done subtly and naturally because you want to not because you have. Many of the post are reminders to the guys to hold their women in high esteem and honor .

      3. Cool beans. Did u chk out my post?

  2. interesting question and I am for once, at a loss for words 😉

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