Driver Crashes Car into Side of Building


No You are not seeing things, yes that is a car stuck in the side of a building. Care to know the rest of the story? Well here is the full story by Connecticut’s WFSB (channel 3)


Police are investigating after a car crashed into a building in Plainville early Tuesday morning.

The crash happened in the area of New Britain Avenue near Crooked Street, at about 2 a.m.

It all started off as a traffic stop. Police said an officer pulled over the driver, who they said was either drinking or was on drugs.

When the officer approached the car, telling the driver to put the car in park, he did the opposite and drove off.

Moments later, the driver lost control, plowed through a fence and then crashed into a Manafort Brothers building, which is a construction company.

From there, police said the driver jumped out of the car and ran into the woods.

The driver was later found at an area hospital.

“The fact that the car went airborne and suspended in the air, I would say that’s rare. People running from us, not rare,” said Plainville Lt. Nicholas Mullins.

An arrest warrant was being issued for the driver, but police said he hasn’t been arrested yet.

It is unclear if the driver had a license, but Eyewitness News was told he was driving his girlfriend’s car.


2 responses

  1. I saw this on my local news and was astounded that the car landed like that and that the driver was able to get out and run away – just crazy!

    1. Aint it though…the police finally caught up with him at a hospital poetic justice

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