When Was The Last Time You Saw…?

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This past weekend I worked as a limousine driver and I drove a wedding party from the home to the church to taking pictures to the final drop off at the reception easy enough. Yet there was one instance that was a little strange to me which is the above picture that I took not of one but two wedding parties taking pictures at the same place at the same time.The building you see isn’t a church it is the State Building here in Hartford, Connecticut which is a weird place to take wedding pictures especially when there is a wonderful park right across the way . There was also the comparisons of both wedding parties the party that I drove was in the red on the right and the party that arrived at the same time we did was in purple, the men in both parties wore the same color suits Grey. One wedding party was white, the other  black . The same place at the same time on the same day …at the State building …very unusual. It would b interesting a year from now to see how both sets of bride and grooms fared in life.

How about you ? Have you see something like this ? Feel free to share your experience.


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