Can Love Overcome Racial Divide?


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These pictures show that love can be a beautiful regardless of color, yet we live in a world so racially divided and even in these relationships be sure that they face obstacles that test their resolve to move on racially. Look around and the world does things based on race, and race is a hot topic not just today but everyday. So Can love in a relationship survive and thrive when both are from different cultures , different backgrounds and different races?

Image result for interracial relationship quotes

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  1. Love can definately overcome racial divisions. Sure, it helps if you live in a liberal and tolerant place where people don’t gawp at you guys like your a freak show but sometimes you just need to develop a thick skin. All couple face their challenges…people’s perceptions about race might just be the issue for those in interracial relationships. Race isn’t something that anyone has control over so for me it is not something that should be a deal breaker, but of course it is for some and it’s across the board.

    Would love your views on my latest post :

    1. Sadly I have had people make comments to me like I could like you but I could never be in a relationship with you because …and to be honest at least I knew where they stood. But it is often the silent but deadly that are the most damaging to relationships across the board.

      1. Yep. I get what you are saying and its not just about standing up for yourself. You need a strong partner too.

      2. In my family we have married white, Flippino and Puerto Rican and thankfully no one feels excluded its quite an international flavor and everyone is welcome as long as the person makes us happy.

      3. Nice. Would love to have you commemt on my burkini post. I’m sure you’ll have stuff to say.

      4. I am working on my comments now

  2. When you love someone you love them for who they are not for their skin color. And at the end of the day what’s in your heart matters not the color of your skin. Even one of the most beautiful people can have the most ugliest of hearts.Yes you seen racism on the news and media. It’s an issue being widely discussed all over the world. It does effect a married life. Because naturally you become concerned for the safety of your spouse. You face a little bit more difficulties than a normal couple would and that I think is unfair.

    1. You make good points I agree with you

      1. Thanks a lot!

      1. Well I read the article and I find it’s concept completely wrong. If a marriage isn’t working first of all sort your problems out, talk, take help, go to couples therapy and if you still feel as if its not working then leave with dignity and respect and then after that date with an open heart and a peaceful mind.

      2. personally I felt like she knew it was over before she proposed this situation and knew the end result she wanted her cake and eat it too.

      3. She was afraid to accept what she already knew was going to happen. So before the situation could end she wanted someone in her life that could take the place of her husband so she doesn’t feel lonely or anything.

      4. Good point I thought of that too

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