Give Woman Your Undivided Attention…It’s Priceless

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It maybe redone and maybe tiresome for guys to hear but giving that special someone your undivided attention in many cases is all that she wants from you. More than flowers or perfume, shoes or a handbag they want to know you care and the best way to show that care is give then attention. It’s a big turn on for a woman to have a man that listens actively and responds to her needs at the moment. So if you really want to be attractive and sexy to your woman…pay her attention…


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    1. It simple yet we as men fail so badly with that, we need to be reminded of it more often than not.

      1. Have a look at my most recent blog – Is Romance Dead ?

  1. Very true. It’s the little things. Looking after you when you are sick, wiping away your tears, dancing with your in the grocery store…they cost nothing but the moments are priceless.

    Would love to hear your views on my latest post :

    1. just replied to your post

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