Don’t Give Up …They are Looking for You Too

I truly believe this, for any of you dating and not finding your one and only yet …don’t give up…they are looking for you too.


10 responses

  1. So sweet. I hope he is out there looking for me while I trawl through all the deadwood 😦

    1. He is out there for sure, stop wasting time and find him

      1. I’m activley looking for him…yet all I see is deadwood 😛

      2. You’re looking in all the wrong places in all the wrong faces

      3. Pray tell where are the places and the right faces?

      4. You already made it known what you are interested in why not let the one and only find you?

      5. You know dead wood when you see it why are you wasting time entertaining it ?

      6. In the hope that maybe it could change.

      7. And that is working for you? No so it’s time to stop with second chances with deadwood and see it and leave it alone

      8. you can’t do the same thing over and over and expect a different result

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