A Woman who is A Hopeless Romantic…

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  1. if only he would see that…thank you

    1. One that does see that will make sure you will never utter that last statement…

      1. you are so correct, thank you!

      2. Best thing to do…if he makes you that frustrated …then it time to see he may not be your one and only…

    1. Only saying what’s real

      1. If more men said what’s real.. women wouldn’t have or need blogs, diaries crying.

      2. you would still write …writers write but you wouldn’t devote 3 full length blogs or more on an ex.

      3. not every guy out of Fort Greene is …your ex. Some of us finally learned how to appreciate and cherish a woman. I write about relationship and post saying about them because I feel strongly about them and because I want to share what I learned with both men and women. But again Writers write and you Olivia are a writer …maybe another Terry McMillian !!!!

      4. 🙂 big shoes to fill, I thank you for that! Keep writing these posts!!! I enjoy reading them and our banter

      5. Don’t slight yourself as a writer. You feel you have so.ethong worthwhile to say which is why you blog.

      6. Thank you for the encouragement to keep blogging and writing it means more to know when someone is touched by what is said. I enjoy the banter too.

      7. Oh trust me i know. its just gonna take time to trust people again… Thank you for sharing your insight, truth and kind words

      8. Any Time my friend anytime

      9. Hey there you have been quiet lately how are you doing ?

      10. Ive been alright, just a lot going on. Finally laid family to rest.

      11. Oh wow sorry to hear that

      12. Its good, shes at peace. No worries. Thank you for checking in 😊

      13. I totally understand…do you need to talk off line?

      14. Thank you for that. I jyst needed to clear my mind. Relax relate release. 😀

      15. Fair enough. Again I’m very sorry for your loss if you ever need to talk…

      16. You affirm that no matter what there are genuinely good people in this world, gracias

      17. Hey there …quiet one lol I am interested in your thoughts on this and there is a poll at the endhttps://bklynboy59.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/can-love-overcome-racial-divide/

      18. It wont let me retrieve it.

      19. were you able to open it this time?

      20. It worked! I answered the poll at the end. My answer is yes! Even though I’ve never considered dating outside my race before even while living in the melting pot of NYC

      21. I found that while NYC is a melting pot it is very segregated which doesn’t allow a lot of movement between people until they have to be in one place like work …what do you think?

      22. Depends on your circle I think. The more eclectic it is, broadens your horizons its also about what youre attracted to. But yea as big as NY is, its segregated in its own way but.. things happen people do mix, mingle and fall in love

      23. ok so…mingle mix and fall in love for crying out loud LOL

      24. Lol, I’ll mingle. Falling in love 😒😂

      25. LOL glad to see you are laughing

      26. Thank you for answering the poll. Would you consider dating outside your race moving forward?

      27. I would. Its just never happened, lol.

      28. go to Fulton street and wait …plenty of others that would …be interested lol complexion has changed there a lot

      29. Lol, i havent been to Fulton Street in years!! What I’ve seen it has changed up quite a bit though

      30. People actually sit outside and eat at eateries …people who wouldn’t be caught dead in Fort Greene are all over there is room to find someone

      31. Ohh i see all the new places popping up. I was in park slope/dumbo whatever theyve renamed it sitting outside enjoying the night

      32. We know what it is regardless of what they call it lol

      33. I see you dropped a post on us …going to have to check it out.

      34. Lol, indeed i did. 😀

      35. LOL I will read it comments coming shortly there after

      36. If more men said what’s real I would be the rule not the exception

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