How You Ever Lived without Them ?


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  1. Love the picture of the interracial couple. 🙂

    1. We don’t see that enough

      1. Indeed. But I might be biased, since I’m half of an interracial couple myself.

      2. we still don’t see it enough . And I too a sensitive to that since my wife and I are a bilingual couple English and Spanish

      3. Oh nice. My husband and I both speak English, but I also speak a Jamaican dialect which he does not understand. He is American. I am Jamaican.

        My mom is Jamaican and my Dad is Haitian. He speaks a French dialect that neither of us understands haha.

        We’re one very international and well blended family.

      4. Nice . I am American and my wife is Puerto rican but we communicate very well and my Spanish has improved enough that I can get through a greeting and know words .

      5. That’s great! I’m working on my Spanish as well, mostly because I think a second language is important.

        You should try Duolingo if you want to get better on your own. I’ve been using it for years and it’s definitely helped me.

      6. Is it true that there is a large Chinese population in Jamaica?

      7. Yes, very true. My best friend is Chinese, and she comes from a very large family. Her grandma doesn’t speak a word of English.

        We also have people of Chinese descent in the government. You can Google Horace Chang as an example. For famous Chinese-descent musicians, try Tessanne Chin.

        Most of the wholesale supermarkets in Jamaica are owned by Chinese immigrants. I would say, maybe 90% of them.

    2. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      1. Sounds like two good qualities in both a man and a woman to put together.

  2. Totally agree, Jerry.

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