Don’t Let Complacency Set In …Part 2

In a recent post we discussed the need to be aware when we are complacent and the fact that it shows in our body language. Toward the end of the post the thought was if you are just too comfortable or see that you are complacent then it’s time to change things up. But how? We will now answer that question in this post.

So much of the how depends on how much we are willing to do homework on ourselves, meaning we need to do an assessment an honest assessment of ourselves, our attitude and our goals to see where we need to make the needed adjustments.

Before anything else changes our mindset has to change. How? Ask yourself what motivates you? What drives you? What are you passionate about?


Use your driving force to stay hungry: First of all, if you don’t really know what drives you to be your best possible self everyday, then you really need to figure it out.  Once you really do, try to understand what is that one trait that makes you want to get out of bed every single day. You will be your best version, always once you know your driving force. Because, it will always keep you for hungry for more and make you strive harder each time.

Choose to learn and inspire everyday:  Again a change in mindset is critical without it, you won’t be able to learn and in return inspire others. This is crucial for your success. It is important for the leader within you to learn something new everyday to not only get motivated to perform better each but also to inspire others. Count this in your to-dos and see the difference.

This next one requires effort real effort and this is where many fail because we start off ok but fail to follow through so…

Form good habits and stay true to them: Habits take about 21 days or more to form and you need to stay true to them. As Tony Robbins says, you must make it a “must mindset.” Because you tell yourself that it is a must to do this and it is your standard to be that way, you will automatically covert a simple thing into your lifestyle. You must desire to change.

Keep the “Make It Happen” attitude alive: If you say you can’t , you won’t. What you send out is what comes back to you. You have the ability to shape your environment how you like, you have the means to empower yourself to do better, so be better.



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