Does Your Sexual History Matter When you Meet …Your One and Only?

I read this article below is the link and it got me thinking. Does your sexual history matter when you finally meet that special one , your one and only ? Would you ask how many person they slept with before you? Do you have the right to know and or disclose the same information?

Some may not feel comfortable talking about their sexual history on the first date which is understandable but at what point do you have that discussion? Or do you have this discussion at all?

What is your thoughts on this subject?

Have you been in this situation?


2 responses

  1. No, the number of sexual partners doesn’t matter. But I think what does is if they have any sort of odd sexual fantasies.

    Sure, I’d ask out of curiosity. I think if you have a long-term relationship with someone then you do have the right to know and make up your mind. If it is something that puts you off a person, then thats just the way it is. Honesty is always the best policy.

    1. I guess I didn’t think about fantasies . I think it is important to know once you are in a relationship, not the details but in case there is concern real concern for std.

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