Don’t Let Complacency Set In

I see it almost everyday, just the way employees walk in , you know how they view their jobs, just by the way they walk in. Every once and while someone confirms it by stating “I’m tired”, yet they had a full night’s sleep and I have been up all night working the overnight. Sorry you won’t get any sympathy from someone who has worked all night.  So much of the success of a business has a lot to do with the attitude of its employees. When you come in dragging your feet day after day it doesn’t bode well for the business or for you or your work environment. Or worse yet your customers. Don’t forget them, they pick up on your vibe too. But what I am talking about today isn’t just about business but in every aspect of your life if you see you are complacent or just too comfortable then it’s time to change things up. But how ? You ask. That will be covered in a later post.


7 responses

  1. A very important feature of a professional’s life very weel picked and portrayed. Attitude does matter, and big at that. Jerry, there’s so much to think about, as the outcome of this post.

    1. Yes it is and you would be surprised how dismissive many people are in this day and age about their attitude toward their jobs. I want to scream if you don’t like your job either change your attitude or go work some where else

      1. Been dead busy, Jerry. How do you do?

  2. Complacency is bad in any aspect of your life – you’ve got to stay on your toes.

    Would love to have you check out my post! We finally write again :

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