Change The Plan…Not the Goal


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  1. Right that od plan may fail but still to till we never change our goal… Just change the way to achieve goal

    1. exactly …thanks for commenting …how are you doing today?

  2. Perfect! But is shifting the goal permitted?? 😛

    1. Adjusting is more like it correct???

      1. Umm.. you could say so.😁

      2. shifting is more like movement in a definitive sense , adjusting is more of a tweeking of plans if something doesn’t go right , you stay the course but you make subtle …adjustments to get where you want to go

      3. so how is my fellow writer doing ?

      4. I’m quite well today. Enjoying time responding to all comments on WP. How do you do? 🙂

  3. Just fabulous I m what about you

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