We all have our own baggage

that we carry from Place to place

Many times we carry it with our heads down

never looking in someone’s face

It’s hard enough to carry your own

Why burden yourself with more

with someone else’s you didn’t carry before

When you take on someone else’s  baggage do you really stay

the same  or do you

forget your name

When you do take on someone’s baggage

you become that person

why not stay you

stay true

your baggage is enough to carry

Until you learn to  let it go…too.


5 responses

  1. Great words. I’m missing you over at RINSE.

    Would love to have you comment on my latest piece :

    1. Just gave my comments. Baggage is a message to a family member that has some issues towards someone and has taken someone else’s baggage and made it their own

      1. It’s easy to do. I’ve been there.

        Thanks for you comments. I have an interesting post coming up as well.

      2. we have to catch ourselves taken on someone else issues …looking forward to seeing what you have coming up

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