Left Unsaid…

I didn’t think  I needed to tell you

I thought you already knew

Without wasting words about how I felt about you

Yet you know I am the strong silent type

who can’t bring himself to say it is you that I like

Am I wrong or am I right

So instead my feelings are like a clue

Solve it and know what I feel is true


6 responses

  1. So much said without much said. It’s posts like these that are so much more interesting than usual musing. :)Love is a powerful feeling that need not be named most times. Just felt and understood. Nicely expressed, Jerry. 🙂

    1. Sometimes we as men have a hard time expressing our selves when it comes to that big 4 letter word and we are often taught it is unmanly to express ourselves when it comes to that …that isn’t the case for me however lol

      1. Yes, men are rather reluctant. Whether that’s a gender thing or the fear of rejection, I can hardly say. You seem to be different though and that’s good.

      2. As a gender we are taught if we express ourselves we left exposed and that becomes a sign of weakness , which is why most men fail badly in relationships

      3. Really? Who teaches this kind of stuff?! 😛

      4. sadly many cultures

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