Once They were a Stranger, Now…


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  1. This is personal. All of us have that one name that went from being strangers to lovers and then from lovers to strangers again. How do you do, Jerry? 🙂

    1. Im good Asha glad you like the post

      1. oh yes, and how was the weekend?

      2. Great I was lazy I sat around and did nothing lol

      3. Hah! 😀 Reminds me of Lennon’s quote… Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time… 😛

      4. and what did you do this weekend?

      5. It’s monsoons this side and spent time wandering out on the streets, getting drenched, and enjoying monsoon delicacies. 😉

      6. here it was warm enough to take a dip in the pool in the complex where I live lol

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