Lex Luthor is Superman??? NOOOOOO

Ok dear reader I’m coming clean …I’m a geek at the core especially when it comes to comic books. Batman especially. But I do like other heroes Superman being one. For some reason DC doesn’t seem to know what to do with Superman so they kill him off …again but not really because the real one has been all along but then there is another Superman in Japan …the New Superman and then at the end of Justice League #52 we get another Superman…Lex Luthor.

My first and only reaction is NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, he looks like Iron Man minus the helmet with a cape for one and second why would he become something he despied completely sought out to kill on more than one occasion? Lex Luthor as Superman ?

I know what you are thinking we had James Gordon as Batman (Which I hated) so why not Luthor as Superman ? Because just as in the case of Batman there is only one Superman and that is Clark Kent not Lex Luthor. This is blasphemy to be something you have always despied and sought to kill only to end up wearing his shield ?? But oh I forgot there is a Superman is he the real one (the one before the new 52) Did I just confuse you if so you’re in good company because I am confused too. This is the problem with too many reboots or rebirths or re-whatever , in an effort to get new fans DC confused old ones and now you have a mess that you need to unravel, can we keep it simple and bring Clark Back as Superman once and for all?


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