Why Are Relationships Harder Today?

When did we stop talking? Why did we allow texting to replace meaningful communication? And why do we insist on posting our feelings as status updates on Facebook?

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  1. This is super. And so true.

    1. Texting should enhance communication not replacing actual talking face to face and sadly that what many relationships have come to.

    2. How are you today Asha?

      1. Haven’t been well for most part of this month. Been under the weather. 😦
        How’ve you been, Jerry?

      2. Im sorry to hear that I hope you get well soon. I am good all things considered

      3. That’s good to know, Jerry. And I still managed writing a piece which I guess you may like. You may check the latest post if you please. 🙂

      4. ok I will do that .

      5. Hey there how goes it Asha?

      6. All well, Jerry. How’d you like the post?

      7. Interesting … I like it so what secrets do we have ?

      8. Zillions of them, kept clutched to our hearts. Kept alive with every beat.

  2. yes, texting has replaced real conversations and in a relationships that behavior dooms it

    1. we become too into our technology and lose the people touch. I hate sounding old school but we used to really have to talk to a girl to get her name a date and that really took work but by the time you were dating she knew you and you knew her and you communicated , not texted but really talked.

      1. I miss those days – my most recent ex wouldn’t even have a conversation, he did it by text – seriously???

      2. seriously??? how did he become your boyfriend in the first place?

      3. i know – modern dating – sucks

      4. Wow LOL did you learn something from that experience?

      5. Yes – it’s his issue not mine – but unfortunately it can happen again – too easy nowadays to break up

      6. It can happen only if you allow it to happen again. Know what you are and what you are really attracting …

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