Is Cheating a Deal Breaker?

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The question is simple the answer not so simple. For some it is cut and dry , you cheat we’re done. And yet for some it isn’t as cut and dry. Is there more to the answer ?

Once trust is broken in the relationship can you get it back? While you dear reader may feel strongly one way, someone else may take a different approach. You may say I would never stay with someone who cheated on me, someone else might feel differently.

Is there a right  or wrong answer to this?

Your thoughts!


6 responses

  1. Cheating should be a deal breaker and I don’t think any circumstance should lead someone to cheat. Some people might however forgive the cheating partner but before you do that ensure that you will be able to see that person the same way as before that is you cannot only forgive but you must forget totally as if it never happened because if you keep in remembrance What your partner has done it will be difficult to live peaceful and loving with him or her. Think and if you know that you cannot be happy with your partner again then leave or be separated for a while to check your ability.

    1. Good points. Not everyone sees it the same way. Which is the point of the post. Ideally you cheat we’re done but when someone’s heart is involved in have seen people forgive and things have moved on. But I agree moving on isn’t easy.

  2. Yes it’s a deal breaker. I could forgive but not forget.

    1. Then is it really forgiveness? If you don’t forget?

      1. Yes. Just not meant to be. They should be with someone else.

      2. Talking from my own experience I agree

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