The Chase is on…

We get complacent when we get what we are after. In relationships complacency becomes a deal breaker because we stop putting real effort into the relationship. We go through the motions as the expression goes so if we both men and women take the advice above we will keep things interesting, spicy and reduce the chances of complacency setting into our relationships.


10 responses

  1. Every woman wants this. To be chased, chased with love. I like this quote, Jerry.

    1. ok nice so is someone chasing you ?

      1. Yes, my dreams. 🙂

      2. Ohhh sounds like a plot for my fellow writer.

      3. Hi Asha how are you?

      4. Hey Jerry. I’ve been under the weather. How goes your day?

      5. I’m good. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Anything goes well can do to cheer you up?

      6. I’ll be all right in no time. Nothing a good book can’t manage. 😉 How goes the day for you?

      7. Very well thank you. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts… soon

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