Do you Have to Win an Argument?

I have written a couple of post on the subject : “Is it healthy to Argue?” One of my points that I learned from past experience is pick your fights wisely and the point is not to “Win” but make your point and be understood. It is about communication not “Winning a argument to be right ” So as the sign above says …Immature People Always want to Win Arguments at the cost of a relationship. Don’t let that be you.

Instead be one that sees the importance in upholding a good relationship by being wrong or perceived as wrong in order to preserve something precious…your relationship with the person you love.


3 responses

  1. Sometimes you need to be willing to lose the war, into order to win the peace.

    Would love to have your views on this :

    1. As I always say pick your fights wisely…if you do you won’t fight often and you will have peace in your relationship. How did my guest blog go? how was the feedback?? And yes I will check out your post.:)

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