Not Every Friend Appreciates Friendship for What it is

Sometimes we value our friendship with someone and while we enjoy their company and have good times it becomes clear in rough times when you find out who truly values the friendship. Last year I invited 3 friends to my wedding. And because they each lived considerable distance we planned on sending those invites earlier than the rest… the first one replied and said they would and asked if they could bring a friend so we replied yes. The second friend replied and called and was excited and said they would be there (He was best man ) and the third one …his response was to be honest shaky at best. I never got to send the invite and I called to get his correct address. He asked when the wedding was and I said in June, June 6th to be exact.  He said I can’t make it ..I have to work that day…his response was in April…My immediate response was you can’t? Awww man you can’t switch with someone? I have to work that day. At that point I realized he didn’t value our friendship the same way I did. I thought enough to extend an invitation to him to our wedding and he though t little to none at all of making the effort to come. Lesson learned. MY other two friends I keep in touch with frequently him not much at all.
There are some people in life that are not deserving of the same value that you place on your friendship with them. Let them go. Maybe they were a friend for a reason maybe for a brief season, but they don’t value your friendship the same as you value theirs. Move onto those that do. You won’t regret it.

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