Love is in the Details…

If you really want to know what love is …it’s in the details. Look around you …the various colors the wide variety of food, the beautiful array of colors of the rainbow. Details …can you imagine of everything was just one color say Green just green not light green or dark green just green , imagine the sun the moon the stars all green , the food you eat all green or the milk you drink green, it would make life dull and with no variety. Instead we have different colors even our food doesn’t have one taste, we have different taste spicy, hot and mild . It is the details we often take for grant yet love is all around us and we forget to say thank you for showing us that love that is vivid in the details of our very being. We ignore the simple details of sight and color and yet we are a visual society.
Details in the colors of something so beautiful as a Peacock’s feathers and yet we miss it.
Take time to look around you see the expression of love …it’s in the details.

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