Battle of The Gray Hair …Is it Okay to give in?

Image result for images of getting gray hairImage result for images of getting gray hairImage result for images of getting gray hairImage result for images of getting gray hairImage result for images of getting gray hair
I admit to being vain about one thing in particular…my hair. I used think in my 20’s by the time I reached my late 30’s early 40 ‘s I’d either be bald or have a receeding hair line or be gray by 45 . By the time I reached 50I still had my hair and could still grow it good too lol. But a gray or two popped up which freaked me out and I didn’t want anyone especially my kids to see me graying (horrors) and then they would be thinking  Dad’s getting old …I guess my feeling is if I go gray …I am no longer the young man I still see in the mirror lol Gray hair looks good on some people and some wear it well but not me . My wife and I were watching tv earlier and we saw a commercial for getting gray out of your hair so I said would you think I would look ok if I dyed my hair ?…She didn’t waste any time she shot back “you are not dying your hair. I like gray hair on a man it looks distinguished and I know it will look good on you ” I protested that I will have a full head of grays by the time I am 60…she continued ” you will be bald before that happens and if you need to cut short short short and maintain that way” I guess my problem is that I am not ready to accept that part of my life is fast approaching and I am not ready to be that O word ….(Old) I have been told that I don’t look my age and when I mention how old I am it surprises many but I lose that effect if the grays win the war and take root in my hair and then I will be predictability oh you must be in your 50’s …instead of 35 40 maybe 45 lol. In person if you hear me talk you can guess my age because of life experience so I have been told . Like I said I know I am vain about my hair it my most visible visage for youth I have left and I don’t want to lose that other wise I am going to have to admit I am losing to the aging thing lol.
So to the men are your thoughts the same? Or do you see it differently ? Women do you like gray on your men if so why? Look forward to hearing your comments.

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