Since When Did I become Older than Everyone Else?

I had a weird experience the other day at work. Some one had asked if I saw a particular manager and I said yes I did he was …that was about 10 minutes ago. The person who asked said oh ok I need to give him something for his birthday he just turn 50 and I said he did?  He’s 50? Is that all ? I thought he was older …turns out I am older than him. Wow.  Growing up everyone was older than me expect for my sister who was 5 years younger. And it seemed to stay that way for a long time. Even at work I was younger than just about everyone there. Now …my manager is younger than me by a lot, my supervisor is younger than me …other managers than I may interact with are younger so…Since when did I become older than everyone else ? When I went to sleep at night did some one pull a switch and change everyone in my life and make them younger or is my birth certificate wrong lol? But be honest if you are in that AARP range in life age wise you do start to feel that shift …of is that all he is ? 50?



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